Everyday Adventures

Toby, 34 -
Web Designer

“I cycle to work all the time. In fact, I’ve just ridden to a job interview. Please don’t tell my employer.  

My bike gives me freedom, and makes it easier to move through the city. I’ve got around London this way since I was ten, and I like weaving in and out of the traffic. I feel sorry for people stuck in cars, and on buses. 

As a byproduct of cycling, I get some spontaneous exercise, which feels easier than ‘scheduling’ it in. 

One good thing that’s come from COVID is that more people have got on their bikes, to avoid sharing germs on public transport. There’s definitely more cycle lanes in London these days, but it’s still a city designed with cars in mind. There’s a long way to go before bike users are on an equal footing. Which is crap. 

My best memories of lockdown, if we’re allowed to have those, are cruising around an empty London. Meeting a select few mates at a safe distance. Taking it easy without worrying about traffic. It was surreal, but beautiful. 

I’ve never had a knock on my bike, but I’ve had a few close shaves. I like to think I’m a good enough cyclist to get myself out of trouble, and so far, I’ve managed to avoid anything nasty.  

I don’t wear a helmet. I can’t be bothered to lug one around with me. I do think it’s really important to make sure you’re seen on a bike, so I always make sure my lights are on.

Cycling is such an easy and flexible way to travel. Sometimes, I hop on a hire bike. Other times, I grab a pedal assisted e-bike. E-scooters are fun too, but need to be made more accessible. There’s definitely something for everyone.